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The place where you’ve always wanted to be.

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In the Company of Trees

This is a story of a certain place in the Northern Forest. A bit of history, a bit of humor, and events in the lives of working people who are part of the multiple dimensions of a rural village all dependent upon a local natural resource.

In a relatively undisturbed part of this large forest with many owners sits a tract of land containing Geezer Pond, a moderate-sized, deep body of water situated near the base of a rugged mountain. A short history of early exploration shifts to more recent times and Sage Duff and Oracle Cambium, their work as professional foresters for a variety of interesting clients, and their developing relationship with Geezer Pond and its environs. The story follows a thread of managing several forests intertwined with amusing vignettes about the people and things that happen in the woods and to our heroes—yielding a glimpse of what it takes to grow and nurture a forest for several purposes. Completing the cycle are the rehabilitation of the lodges at Geezer Pond and the transition (not inconsiderable) from the small town of Spar Creek, with their wives, to the solitude of this special place in the Northern Forest.

For those whose interest is in the forested environment, there’s a special place in one’s mind that offers the perfect balance of interest and contentment. Geezer Pond is that place. Join us for a visit.

Roger H. Greene

Roger H. Greene has been a consulting forester for over 50 years and has received his professional training at various institutions. Mr. Greene is a specialist in forest mensuration and biometrics, silviculture, remote sensing, and forest planning. He is the author of 23 scientific publications.

In his approximately 50-year career, Mr. Greene has practiced forest management on large private and industrial ownerships and has supplied forest management advice and counsel for public agencies as well as industrial, financial, and private landowners in the Northeast, Lake States, Southern, and Western United States. He has held positions in management operations and forestry research and was formerly the Chief Forester for the Northern Timberlands Division of St. Regis Corporation. He was lastly employed as a silviculturist and business developer for the Eastern U.S. by Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. a venerable natural resources consulting firm in business for over 95 years. Retired in 2014, he currently manages a 4,500-acre forest in Maine for a local land trust.